The Artist

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As seen on Channel 4's The Auction House.

I may be known to you as the owner and main artist at Just Originals Art Gallery in Battersea Park Road, where I painted for 8 years.

Now, as a freelance artist I am delighted to introduce you to my new collection, most of which are currently available and for the quality, I'm convinced are the best value anywhere in the UK.

As ever, I would be happy to visit your home or office with no obligation and help visualize your space with some examples to hand.

Having sold over 3500 of my paintings over the last 10 years, I am very confident that, whilst a website can only be a virtual gallery the product is of a high standard.

My paintings have been sold to customers and interior designers all over the world and the impressionist style using mixed media is both vibrant, layered and provides depth to my work.

A number of celebrities own paintings of mine including, Anthea Turner, Kelvin McKenzie and Sir Mathew Pinsent, so I hope this diverse range of personalities represents my diversity of styles and influences!

Nigel Kingston